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Zapp 2 Learn is a fun, interactive phonics support system for children in key stage 1. Interactive worksheets and books come to life with a unique app designed to make learning active and fun

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Merging digital and traditional methods...

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A Powerful Combination of learning from Apps and Books

Zapp 2 Learn is a superb phonics intervention resource. Using tablets to interact with phonics resources in the forms of Zapp Tiles, Flip Books, Activity Books, Stickers and Wall Frieze's. Using tablets to scan the resources with the Zapp 2 Learn app, creates an exciting new environment to stimulate children's interest in phonics. Imagine teaching a child to use a tablet in a new way - suddenly teachers have the upper hand with technology. Zapp Tiles are creating excitement all over the UK as phonics lessons get active and are even moving out into the playground. With a full unlimited school license starting at a very affordable price, Zapp 2 Learn is a phonics intervention tool available to everyone.

About School Zapp