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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zapp 2 Learn support android and apple devices?

Yes, both operating systems are supported

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Which devices does Zapp 2 Learn work on?

Any Apple device excluding iPAD one. All Android devices with OS 2.1 or above. This device must have a rear facing camera.

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How do I use Zapp2Learn?

Zapp 2 Learn is a unique combination of learning from books and learning from apps. What you need: A Zapp 2 Learn activity book, flipbook or wall chart. Download the free app onto an Apple or Android device. To play the game: Listen to the teacher recorded in the app After the question has been asked press Zapp Find the correct answer in the book or wall chart Scan the code associated with the correct answer. It's a really effective combination of learning with apps and books!

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How do I replay a level

To replay a level, go back to the home screen and press "Levels". You can then select any level which has been previously unlocked.

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Which age group does Zapp 2 learn support

Zapp 2 Learn is ideal for 4, 5 and 6 year old children however is suitable for anyone who needs support with their reading ability.

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Does Zapp 2 Learn support Alien words or Nonsense words?

Yes, the Zapp 2 Learn phase 5 books provide great practice of Alien words. Ideal for getting children ready for the year 1 phonics screening check. Also included in the Starter Pack.

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How do I get started with Zapp 2 Learn?

The best way is to order a Zapp 2 Learn Starter Pack. This provides books and wall charts for 12 children throughout year 1. Order from the online catalogue.

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Do Zapp 2 Learn offer training?

Yes, please contact for detailed information.

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