School Zapp

"fun interactive learning!"

Using Zapp 2 Learn

Zapp 2 Learn uses a freely installed app which interacts with many different formats of printable items using QR codes. Each of the formats can be interchanged as and when required depending on the lesson environment. The formats available are :

  • Phonics Tiles
  • Flip Books
  • Activity Books
  • Wall Frieze / Posters
  • Stickers
  • Self printable activity sheets

    Phonics Tiles

    Zapp 2 Learn phonics tiles are a fantastic phonics intervention resource. The app teaches the phonic using sentences and images to engage the pupil, then the phonics tiles are used to confirm the pupil has understood. This is done by scanning the QR code on each tile. The tiles can be spread around a classroom or used outside in the playground. Creating this unique environment really engages pupils and the magic of scanning a tile correctly is proving to be a very successful intervention. Tiles are grouped together as either phase 2 and 3 or phase 5 and alien words. Setting up the phonics tiles is a very easy process. It can be even provided as a ready to go resource pre-installed on a LearnPad tablet. In this case, the phonics tiles are an out of the box solution to a phonics intervention. Pupils with ADHD or with a low attention spans are really increasing their phonics skills.

    Benefit for schools

    Flipbooks, Activity Books, Wall Frieze and Stickers

    Available as one starter pack, this group of products provides a very flexible package of products serving different teaching environments.
  • FlipBooks: Great as a focus group environment where pupils are working as a small group.
  • Activity Books : Suitable when pupils are working individually. This format also enables handwriting practice - as they scan the correct answer, they also need to write it into the book.
  • Wall Frieze : Turn your classroom walk into an interactive teaching environment. Great for larger groups and getting the pupils out of their seat.
  • Stickers : As a smaller option to the phonics tiles, the stickers provide a great way to set up a treasure hunt for phonics. All these products are available as a starter kit for a focus group of 6.