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How to use Zapp 2 Learn in your school

In the classroom Integrating Zapp 2 learn into your lesson plans has been made very easy as each level of the app and each page of the book has been designed so that it follows the set numbers within the letters and sounds national curriculum. For example: Level 1 of phase 2 = set 1 - s,a,t,p Level 2 of phase 2 = set 2 - i,n,m,d Level 3 of phase 2 = set 3 - g,o,c,k and so on........ This makes Zapp 2 Learn an incredible resource for self-checking and bringing phonics lessons to life. As each of the levels is completed, the replay for that level is enabled so that the teacher can repeat the level through a period of time defined by them. For example, repeating level 1 over a one week period has proven to see significant results of the childrens understanding. Homework Sending home a Zapp 2 learn book as a homework assignment can be extremely resourceful - it empowers parents to support phonics in a controlled way. Today many homes have an abundance of technology available. Zapp 2 Learn helps schools tap into this technology in a very simple way. The username issued with each book can be used in the classroom and/or at home. Therefore using Zapp 2 Learn is as simple as using any app. Full instructions are included in each book clearly explaining the procedure, making school admin minimal. Zapp 2 learn can be a huge resource if your school hasn't got tablets. The activity book can be worked through in the classroom with the teacher, and then supported by the app at home. A Great Teaching Aid for Assistants Very often in today's schools, teaching assistants are helping small groups of SEN children. Used in these small groups, Zapp 2 Learn has been proven to be very effective. It empowers the teaching assistant who isn't always fully qualified in phonics to provide very effective support to these small groups. National Curriculum For Phonics Zapp 2 learn is provided in phases as per the national curriculum. Each phase covers the phonemes introduced in the corresponding phase. Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 5. Alien Words The phonics national screening check is always a huge milestone for every school in the UK. One of the hardest elements to prepare for is the alien word or non-sense word section. Within phase 5 of Zapp 2 learn, there are 6 levels which provide very valuable alien word practice. It's recommended to start children using this as soon as possible.

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