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Technology in the home - how can teachers use it?

In today's modern world, there is an abundance of technology in the home. Ipad, iPhone, Samsung galaxy's and every other kind of smart phone....... the question is how to make use of this technology to help our children with their education? One of the challenges is aligning content with the national curriculum. There are thousands of apps, however content is random and very difficult to work into a lesson plan. The answer to this is content management system. What is a content management system? Basically data or content is stored on a computer server, nowadays called the cloud, and mobile devices connect to it to download the content. If you think about it, this is very powerful in education, but unfortunately not used much in relation to teachers, children and parents. So teachers can teach content in the classroom and then enable parents to continue teaching at home - importantly with the same content. This is how Zapp 2 Learn has been designed. Zapp 2 Learn provides content for teachers to teach in the classroom and also provides access to a content management system that downloads the classroom material onto mobile devices owned by the parent. For the parent, it's as simple as downloading a free a app from the app store and entering a user name for the content management system provided by the school. This balance of content can provide a massive boost to our education power - aligning what we teach in the classroom with what we teach at home.

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