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Zapp 2 Learn in Polish - Now Available from our store

Teach Polish Speaking Pupils The English Phonics Sounds with the new ZappBook supported by the Zapp 2 learn app

Whilst the Zapp 2 learn team have been working with various schools across the UK, we have identified a big problem building up in UK primary schools. How do you teach a non-English speaking pupil English Phonics? We think we have a great resource to help UK teachers with this problem. We started with Polish but can, and will incorporate any language moving forward. Our mobile app now speaks all of the pre-recorded teaching sentences in Polish. Now a Polish pupil has a one to one teaching resource that he or she can actually interact and learn from. The app actually teaches the English phonic sound by explaining a sentence in the native language and repeating it in English. Don't forget the main benefit of Zapp 2 Learn - Its a book supported by an app! To get Zapp 2 learn - Polish, simply visit our store and buy one of the polish enabled products starting from 3.99. We really hope this product can help our UK teachers and Polish parents who wish their child to integrate into the UK education system.

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