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Zapp 2 Learn Phonics Tiles

A perfect solution for outside learning and getting your pupils off their seats whilst learning. Place the tiles around the classroom or playground - then let the app and pupils do the rest. Watch as the pupils have loads of active fun whilst zapping the phonics tiles. Perfect for children with ADHD or other SEN needs.

  • 96 High quality Zapp Tiles, covering phase 2, 3, 5 and alien words.
  • Fully waterproof supporting outside learning.
  • Provided with hanging holes and tie wraps for easy set up.
  • Ideal for supporting pupils that need a physical activity as an intervention.
  • The free app is available for Apple and Android devices, including LearnPad.

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    Unlimited Annual School License

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    A perfect solution to keep costs low whilst offering huge value as a phonics intervention.

  • Unlimited app installations on school or parent tablets.
  • Unlimited license to print Zapp 2 Learn PDF documents. Including activity book worksheets and wall charts.
  • First years license includes three of each phase 2, 3 and 5 Zapp 2 learn Flipbooks. Ideal for focus group interventions.
  • Includes all Phase 2, 3 and 5 content.
  • Alien word practice.
  • Price is fixed for 5 years, with no hidden charges.
  • The school will be contacted at the end of each year to be asked if they wish to purchase another years license. No automatic subscription charge.
  • To eliminate any IT set up problems, Zapp 2 Learn can be provided pre-installed on a LearnPad Decimo. No WIFI connection required.

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    Zapp 2 learn Flipbooks, Activity Books, Wall Frieze and Stickers

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    An ideal way to create a focus phonics group as an intervention for phonics.

    The starter kit includes

  • 6 of each activity and FlipBook for phase 2, 3 and 5. A total of 36 books.

    Flipbooks - Great for use with a small group around the tabletop.
    Activity Books - Ideal for more of an individual approach and also requires the pupil to write the correct answer.
    Wall Frieze - Great active learning, turning classroom walls into an interactive lesson.

  • Zapp 2 Learn stickers which can be placed around the classroom to get children out of their seats whilst learning.
  • Make your classroom wall interactive, using the amazing wall friezes for phase 2, 3, 5 and aliens.
  • 6 certificates are also provided to give that important reward when a pupil has made progress through a level.

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    Zapp 2 Learn Tablets

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    A great solution to avoid any setup to start using Zapp 2 Learn. No WIFI connection required, simply open the box and go. All of the above products are available with the added option of a LearnPad tablet, ready to go with Zapp 2 Learn.

  • LearnPad tablets are multi-award winning classroom tablets, ideal for schools.
  • If you have school network or WIFI problems, this is a solution which will work out of the box. The Zapp 2 Learn IT team will do the set up of the app and ship it directly to your teachers, ready to start teaching.

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    Try the Zapp 2 Learn App

    If you're viewing our website on an apple or android device, the free Zapp 2 Learn app can be downloaded from the below links. To try the app, download it and enter the free trial user name FREEZAPP and PIN number 8888. You will need a ZappSheet to run through the app. To receive a download that you can print, please contact us through the following page.
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